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The XE-1000 (1/2HP, 60Hz) is perfectly suited for small to mid-size applications requiring 1-2 fogging fans. This model is a little quieter than the larger XE-2000, but still produces a good quality fog and is very energy efficient. XE-1000 is popular for lower volume fogging applications. If you are not sure which TurboXE model is right for your application use our online sizing calculator to get the best match.

XE 1000 Specifications

Dimensions XE Fan Dimensions
Aquafog units produce small particles averaging 25 microns in size and feature flow control for adjustment of the amount of liquid being fed to the fogging fan. At rates near full capacity, 95% of the particles produced are small enough to stay airborne.
Propulsion Distance 30'
Weight w/ Wash Down Motor

39 lbs.

* Add 6 - 9 lbs. for Explosion-Proof
* Subtract 4 lbs. for Three-Phase

Max. Dry Fog Output 20 GPH
Energy Consumption 7.4 AMPS @ 120 V
Tank Capacity (RSMs) N/A
CFM Rating 2,730
Noise @ 10 ft. Distance 74 - 77 dB(A)

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