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Operator's Manuals

Our owner's manuals contain: Safety Instruction, Placement, Installation, Electrical Schematic, Troubleshooting, Maintenance, Exploded View and Parts Identification.

Turbo XE Series:
Turbo XE (Standard Models) (Download PDF manual)
Turbo XE-EXP (Hazardous Duty Models) (Download PDF manual)
XE 2000-HS (Hanging Sump Unit) (Download PDF manual)
XE Mobile Series:
HRSM (Mobile Unit) (Download PDF manual)
HRSM-EXP (Mobile Hazardous Duty Unit) (Download PDF manual)
CRSM (Mobile Pesticide Unit) (Download PDF manual)
ORSM (Mobile Odor Control Unit) (Download PDF manual)
GT 500 Series:
GT 500 (Standard Models) (Download PDF manual)
GT 500-HS (Hanging Sump Unit) (Download PDF manual)
Hydro SS 700's:
SS-700-DF (Direct Feed Unit) (Download PDF manual)
SS-700-BT/HS (Bench Top & Hanging Sump Units) (Download PDF manual)

Replacement Parts Price Sheet

Master Parts and Product List (Download PDF parts list)